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Being an Artist in Montreal

There are approximately 400 galleries in Montreal. If you have talent (or don’t but other people say you do) you’ve most likely thought of displaying your work in one. Where does one start? At the beginning.

First off, you must have a body of work to show. It’s a good idea to track down the types of places and people who can help you with materials, framing, and any tools you need. That roll of canvas you like for your painting might be cheaper if you can get it from another source. Spending more money on the creation of your work than you make off of the sale is bad business. If your goal is to make money off of your art, you may not need gold leaf or pure  ultramarine from the mines in Badakshan. Now create. Challenge yourself and try something new. Repetitive style may stagnate your creativity.

The artists in Montreal are a mixed bag and there are some with a lot of talent. You could be the most talented artist in Montreal but if nobody knows you exist, your talent alone won’t help you. Get busy joining artist networks. Joining supportive services for artists gets you set you up with a community of like-minded people who can offer assistance, training, certification, financial and/or legal assistance. Learn to like paperwork. Become adept at writing and develop the particular professional language that you will require. You will need to set aside time for yourself to fill out forms, state your artistic mandate, and tweak your CV.

I began by joining YES Montreal in February and recently picked up a great deal of information at a seminar about grants. I am in the process of becoming a member of RAIQ and will hopefully be a member of Eastern Bloc by next week. Also on my list are ELAN and RAAV. All of these organizations help to authenticate your status as an artist, open up opportunities, and allow you to spend more time creating and selling. All of a sudden you find yourself with many resources at your fingertips.