Opening Night of Behind Closed Doors at Hotel ZERO1 showcased an eclectic range of styles and I enjoyed seeing the unique interpretations of the theme. The pieces will be available for purchase through silent auction and will be on display for your viewing pleasure until May 31st. Check out the Facebook page  for more photos.

Many thanks to Marion Desnoyer, Hotel ZERO1, John Pineault, Shield of Athena, Encadrium, and to all the other sponsors and organizers.


Title: Going Outside for a Bike Ride
Artists Statement: It’s empowering to be your own source of transportation. Making quick decisions while moving at high speed is exhilarating and I often find myself smiling while I ride my bike. I ride because it makes me happy and more aware of my surroundings. It’s also a means of an escape from boredom and a path to freedom. Everyone should go outside for a bike ride.

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